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  • 3 Ways to Increase Your Personal Presence over Video & Phone

    Contains 1 Component(s) Recorded On: 11/18/2020

    This on-demand webinar is available for 14 days after purchase. Ever since their invention, business has been conducted over video meetings and phone calls. For better or worse, we can easily converse with people around the world with just the touch of a button. And now that many of us are working from home due to COVID-19, most interactions with coworkers, clients, management, staff, vendors—everybody!—have become remote. So much of communication is nonverbal. Is it even possible to convey confidence, credibility, or presence remotely? Yes! While face-to-face communication does provide more nonverbal cues, you convey more than you realize over video and phone. Are you sending the message you want? If you’d like to find ways to increase your presence even when you’re physically distant, join this one-hour webinar in which you will learn: Nonverbals that can be conveyed over phone or video How to manage distractions that diminish your Presence Two behaviors that affect the tone of your voice When and how to vary your voice pattern Why and how to open up your sense of space …and more!

  • Negotiating Construction Contracts in the COVID-19 World – the “Usual” and the “Unusual” in these Strange Times

    Contains 1 Component(s) Recorded On: 11/16/2020

    This on-demand webinar is available for 14 days after purchase. This presentation will focus on the general topic of negotiating Construction Contracts and strategies in these uncertain times, as well as specific construction contract clauses related to COVID-19 risks. Understanding that certain contractual risks have always been a “fact of life” in today’s construction industry is not new, but in these strange times there are certain risks that previous to this year would not have been carefully negotiated, but that need to be closely reviewed and negotiated to protect your business in these turbulent times.

  • Project Management for Credit Professionals

    Contains 1 Component(s) Recorded On: 11/12/2020

    This on-demand webinar is available for 14 days after purchase. Donaldson Co.’s Nate Hutton and Aristocrat Technologies’ Darrell Horton are two seasoned credit professionals who learned how to manage projects the hard way, by learning as they went. Join them as they speak with Fiserv’s Amber Roy about some of the things they wished they had known when they first started managing projects. Nate and Darrell will share their experiences about how they became “accidental project managers” and Amber will explain what constitutes a project and why credit professionals need to learn to manage them properly. The webinar will also present the phases of project management, including points to consider and questions to answer.

  • Credit Insurance Best Practices

    Contains 1 Component(s) Recorded On: 11/05/2020

    This on-demand webinar is available for 14 days after purchase. What part does trade credit insurance play in today’s volatile economic environment? What are the benefits of coverage? Can underwriters and brokers adapt to the needs of credit managers? Or, are we stuck in the world of 2008, when large volumes of cover were withdrawn or credit limits were drastically reduced during the global economic crisis of that period? Join UPM-Kymmene Corporation’s Trade Credit Manager Heli Kallinki as she interviews Willis Towers Watson’s Richard Talboys and Rob Bolton on trade credit insurance. Get the information you need to cover your company’s accounts receivable portfolio and essential insight regarding trade credit insurance.

  • Launching RadiusOne: Tailored Platform For A/R Automation Needs of Mid-Sized Businesses

    Contains 1 Component(s) Recorded On: 10/28/2020

    This on-demand webinar is available for 14 days after purchase. A/R leaders of mid-sized businesses today are tasked with effective working capital and cash flow management with a limited number of resources. To achieve this goal, they should be looking out for technology that is easy to deploy, low-cost, fully integrated with their existing systems and ERPs, and have a short implementation timeline. These technology expectations have become “must-haves” for mid-sized businesses planning to implement technology today, and therefore we have developed a solution suite that meets all these parameters and more. The RadiusOne A/R suite is our vision for order-to-cash departments for mid-sized businesses. This suite could help you centralize your A/R functions, reduce DSO, fast-track customer onboarding and eliminate lockbox fees in as little time as four weeks with a combination of applications for e-invoicing, collections, cash reconciliation, and credit management. Key Takeaways: Sneak-peek Into RadiusOne: AI-powered cloud solution for mid-sized businesses that enable increased productivity and better cash flow in a tough economy Business case for RadiusOne adoption: how it enables successful results in low costs and provides immediate value Live demo of the platform led by a HighRadius solution expert with FAQs

  • Doing Business in Latin America

    Contains 1 Component(s) Recorded On: 10/22/2020

    This on-demand webinar is available for 14 days after purchase. Join two seasoned credit professionals, Ed Bell, CBA, ICCE, and Esther Hale, ICCE, as they share their experiences when doing business in Latin America. They will participate in a Q&A that will cover the current environment and more, including: What are the biggest challenges? How has the pandemic affected them? How have risk strategies changed?

  • Global Debt & Bankruptcies Soar: Why Trade Contribution Can Protect Your Balance Sheet & Assist in CECL Compliance

    Contains 1 Component(s) Recorded On: 10/21/2020

    This on-demand webinar is available for 14 days after purchase. With debt issuance up to record levels and big-name, big-dollar public bankruptcies on track to exceed the previous peak from the Great Recession in the 2009 annum, balance sheet risk from bad debt write-offs have never been higher. Under the recently implemented Current Expected Credit Losses (“CECL”) guidance, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (“FASB”) has required that trade receivables be adjusted to account for their expected bad debts using forward-looking predictive modeling rather than simply historical estimates. Join a trio of CreditRiskMonitor’s leading subject matter experts as they discuss how our industry-leading, forward-looking bankruptcy predictive analytics like the FRISK® and PAYCE® scores when combined with trade contribution, can significantly improve the working capital risk management and specifically address the compliance requirements of CECL.

  • Insolvency Law in Italy

    Contains 1 Component(s) Recorded On: 10/20/2020

    This on-demand webinar is available for 14 days after purchase. Get the information you need before you need it. Join Italian lawyers, Irene Grassi and Eva Knickenberg-Giardina, as they discuss insolvency proceedings in Itay: Overview of the most common proceedings: Voluntary liquidation Settlement with creditors Insolvency or Judicial Liquidation Practical suggestions when facing a partner’s insolvency Preferential credits Reservation of title Claw back

  • Increasing Collections with Contactless Payments

    Contains 1 Component(s) Recorded On: 10/14/2020

    This on-demand webinar is available for 14 days after purchase. Collecting cash from your customers today is more challenging than ever before. In today’s COVID world, some of your customers may have delinquent invoices that you are collecting as you work through payment plans. For new customers, credit practices are often requiring payment in advance. But traditional promise to pay methods which include waiting for a check, credit cards, or “check-by-fax” processes are outdated, require tracking or are expensive. Join us to learn a new technology to collect payments in advance which will provide significant operational benefits, lower costs, and improve customer service.

  • Optimizing DSO and DPO in Times of Crisis

    Contains 1 Component(s) Recorded On: 10/07/2020

    This on-demand webinar is available for 14 days after purchase. In a climate of cash flow visibility becoming more important, CFOs and finance organizations need to focus on internal funding sources throughout the company. To improve working capital organizations must bring their cash-in and cash-out value streams together and view inbound and outbound payments as two sides of the same coin – as one global cash flow process. By synchronizing accounts receivable (AR) and accounts payable (AP) processes, finance departments can achieve an optimized cash position and an overarching view into cash flows creating the foundation for DSO and DPO optimization. In this webinar, we will showcase how organizations can improve their cash position by focusing on their DSO and DPO drivers.