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  • Regulatory Compliance 101: What is Regulatory Compliance and Why is it Important?

    Contains 1 Component(s) Recorded On: 06/17/2021

    This on-demand webinar is available for 14 days after purchase. Regulatory compliance helps you protect your business's resources and reputation. Trust takes time to build with customers, prospects and suppliers and is driven by an organization’s ethical behavior and dedication to the law. During this regulatory compliance overview, you’ll learn the basic definitions and application of today’s requirements as well as how they apply to specific business processes. This webinar will provide insight into corporate compliance requirements defined by the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC) and Politically Exposed Persons (PEP). Chris Doxey will review the drivers for these compliance requirements as well as screening best practices, and will present some current case studies in which companies ignored requirements.

  • Blockchain Technology & Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

    Contains 1 Component(s) Recorded On: 06/15/2021

    This on-demand webinar is available for 14 days after purchase. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain have been increasingly in the news more over the past few years. What exactly is a cryptocurrency and blockchain? Are they just a fad? What can they mean for mainstream businesses and the credit department? This webinar will introduce the concept of blockchain, its uses and opportunities for growth through the acceptance of cryptocurrency. The presenters also will discuss decentralized finance and explore examples of where DeFi enhanced the blockchain process. At the end of this presentation, they will explore how building a blockchain solution could enhance the credit department overall.

  • Challenges Remain as Global Economy Recovery Emerges in 2021

    Contains 1 Component(s) Recorded On: 06/03/2021

    This on-demand webinar is available for 14 days after purchase. After a yearlong global recession, 2021 is bringing new hope. The year’s first quarter should reflect a tentative recovery of economic activity, followed by a further boost to economic activity in the second quarter as containment measures are substantially reduced. The news of vaccine deployment is encouraging. Major economies such as the U.K. and U.S. are expected to reach herd immunity by early summer 2021. However, the pace of vaccine administration is lagging behind in other places, including many European countries and emerging markets. Uncertainty will remain high over the coming months, but there is economic optimism in sight. This webinar will cover global GDP growth forecasts as well as regional outlooks for the year ahead. Join Atradius’s Aaron Rutstein as he addresses the following key points: Insolvencies will rise this year due to the end of temporary governmental measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The global economy remains fragile as vaccine rollout picks up speed. Worldwide recovery will be uneven. A robust recovery is expected for the U.S. and Asia, while South America and Europe are expected to fall behind. Lockdown measures and supply and demand changes have caused global trade to contract 5.3% in 2020, but trade in 2021 is expected to see a robust expansion; manufacturing output and export orders have significantly increased as of February.

  • Alternatives to Bankruptcy: What Trade Creditors Need to Know

    Contains 1 Component(s) Recorded On: 05/26/2021

    This on-demand webinar is available for 14 days after purchase. The administrative cost of bankruptcy and the expanded rights granted to certain classes of creditors in bankruptcy cases makes bankruptcy costly and impractical for many small and middle-market financially distressed companies. Distressed companies are increasingly relying on assignments for the benefit of creditors (ABC), receiverships, Uniform Commercial Code Article 9 sales, out-of-court foreclosures, or simply closing down the business, which may produce a faster and greater distribution for creditors than a more expensive and slower bankruptcy case. Join Lowenstein Sandler’s Bruce Nathan and Michael Papandrea as they discuss non-bankruptcy alternatives and share real-life examples. This webinar will cover: How the alternatives differ from bankruptcy cases How trade creditors should respond if a customer pursues any of these alternatives Possible preference risk raised in ABCs and receiverships.

  • The Softer Side of Credit Management: The Importance of Soft Skills in An Analytical-Driven World

    Contains 1 Component(s) Recorded On: 05/25/2021

    This on-demand webinar is available for 14 days after purchase. This presentation will cover the importance of soft skills in a credit-focused environment and provide guidance on key competencies for success in your current role. Join Johnson Controls’ Craig Simpkins as he offers tips on how you can use soft skills to grow and develop within your organization. He’ll discuss best practices regarding: Texting & Email Time Management Leadership Public Speaking & Communicating Effectively Negotiating & Influencing Listening In addition, Craig will share case studies and provide recommendations on how each scenario should be managed. Expected takeaways: Overview of soft skills in the workplace The evolution & importance of soft skills Ways to improve upon these skills How to use soft skills to grow and develop in your career Tools available to develop and improve soft skills

  • Best Practices for Modernizing Check Acceptance

    Contains 1 Component(s) Recorded On: 05/20/2021

    This on-demand webinar is available for 14 days after purchase. Protecting your company from check-related losses and fraud will keep the cash flowing. In this webinar, you will learn how to leverage check acceptance solutions to improve your company’s cash flow and how to improve back-office efficiencies by accepting checks. Join NACM partner, Fiserv, as they share their expertise about commercial check acceptance, check processing and risk analytics services.

  • Mechanic’s Lien, Bonds & More Power Tools for Getting Paid in Virginia

    Contains 1 Component(s) Recorded On: 05/19/2021

    This on-demand webinar is available for 14 days after purchase. Join Brian Loffredo, Esq., of Offit Kurman, P.A., as he explores Virginia bond claims, the Virginia mechanic’s lien law (including the ever-elusive 150-day rule), court proceedings and other mechanisms for getting paid. Whether you are new to the construction industry or a seasoned veteran, you are sure to learn something in this information-rich webinar.

  • Onboarding New Customers – Best Practices for Success

    Contains 1 Component(s) Recorded On: 05/12/2021

    This on-demand webinar is available for 14 days after purchase. Customer onboarding is about much more than just adding a customer to the master file. It includes validating customers and understanding their needs. Defining customer service expectations is also a key factor of the onboarding process. This webinar will explore best practices for the customer onboarding process and provide a checklist that you can use to enhance your process.

  • International Debt Collection During COVID-19

    Contains 1 Component(s) Recorded On: 05/11/2021

    This on-demand webinar is available for 14 days after purchase. Over the past year, many companies’ debtor management processes have been severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies focusing on local or international trade have had to change their processes, which has led to many outstanding invoices and unpaid debts. The lawyers at Bierens Group have compiled a list of their top 10 tips on international debt collection during COVID-19. During this webinar, they will explain recent laws and regulations that impact international businesses and trade. They will also share practical tips on how to deal with outstanding invoices. This webinar will cover: The impact of COVID-19 on International debt collection. Force majeure invoked following COVID-19 measures. What if my foreign customer refuses to pay? Should I consider insolvency? 10 practical tips to keep your collections in good shape.

  • Credit Management Automation Insight: Dashboards

    Contains 1 Component(s) Recorded On: 05/04/2021

    This on-demand webinar is available for 14 days after purchase. Dashboards are an essential part of credit management functions. Determining which metrics to use to get the most value from your dashboard takes analysis, input from others and time to implement. Join seasoned credit professional, Leonel Torrejon, CICP, ICCE, as he discusses the intricacies of dashboards, including how they aid informed decision-making and which metrics to track. This webinar will cover: The importance of a reporting credit management dashboard. Key considerations for an ideal dashboard. Which metrics to track. Credit management dashboards. Accounts receivable dashboards.