Soft-Skills, Ways to Conduct Effective Conversations - with Kevin Stinner

Kevin Stinner, CCE, CCRA will teach you about the different methods of how to conduct effective conversations while talking face-to-face, on the phone, and specifically with the sales department. Kevin will use his real life experience to help guide you through unique and difficult situations, as well.

Kevin Stinner, CCE, CCRA has been in the field of credit and collections since 2007.  He earned his BA in Business Management and leadership in 2001 from Blackburn Collage, and an MBA with emphasis in management in 2004 from AIU.  He is currently a Credit Manager with Pinnacle Agriculture Distribution where he has worked since 2017.  He earned his CCRA in August 2013 and CCE in November 2011.  He is currently a Director of the Chicago Midwest governing board, and member of the Editorial committee for Business Credit magazine.  Kevin has been published in Business Credit magazine, and by the InterConnection.  Kevin is a webinar presenter for NACM national, and a presenter at Credit Congress, and has spoken at several venues for NACM and other trade groups, across the country.  Kevin was the 2015 NACM Gateway Region Credit Excellence award recipient, and was awarded the National Emerging Leader Award in 2017.


Module 1: Face-to-Face
Open to view video.
Open to view video. In this first module, Kevin will teach you about the pros and cons during Face-to-face conversations. He will explain how you can use this type of communication to your advantage, the proper etiquette when doing so, and looking at body language to gain information as well.
Module 2: Phone calls
Open to view video.
Open to view video. In this second module, Kevin will expound on “phone call conversations”. You will learn why having a phone call conversation is better than other means of conversing, as well as conducting small talk and having difficult conversations with a customer. Please make sure to check out the MOCK PHONE CALL CONVERSATION towards the end of this module.
Module 3: Salesmen and/or Sales organization
Open to view video.
Open to view video. This module will teach you about the important instance when you have to communicate with the Sales department. Kevin will explain why it is vital to establish good communication with the Sales team, and how to maintain this communication channel. You will learn about how an effective line of communication is beneficial to both the Credit department and Sales department.