CBA Exam Review

Instructor Toni Drake, CCE narrates the CBA Exam Review to help you prepare for the Exam. She touches on topics that you learned in Business Credit Principles, Basic Financial Accounting, and Financial Statement Analysis 1. At the beginning of the modules, the topics that are covered in the module are listed.

Toni brings over 30 years of oil and gas credit experience to the table. Toni holds a CCE, which is NACM’s most prestigious designation. After earning her CCE, she went on to attend and excel at NACM’s Graduate School of Credit and Financial Management to further her education in the field of credit. Toni continues to support the credit profession as a speaker and instructor at events like NACM’s annual Credit Congress.

If you took Business Credit Principles through our Credit Learning Center or at Headquarters, you will recognize Toni’s voice because she was the instructor who taught that course.


CBA Exam Review, Part 1
Open to view video.
Open to view video. Material covered in this Part includes a review on: The Five C’s of Credit, Types of Credit (Public and Private), Components of Credit, the Federal Reserve, the Legal Composition of Business Organizations, Terms of Sale, Financing and Insurance, Negotiable Instruments, the Legal Environment of Credit, the UCC, Direct and Indirect Investigations, and Bankruptcy Chapters.
CBA Exam Review, Part 2
Open to view video.
Open to view video. Part 2 begins with Accounting questions which Toni will talk you through. This module then continues to teach about Inventory, Financial Statements, Balance Sheets, Income Statements, Statement of Cash Flows, Common-Size Analysis, and Ratio Sheets.