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  • Contains 1 Component(s) Recorded On: 12/01/2020

    This on-demand webinar is available for 14 days after purchase. Going forward, the need for liquidity and risk mitigation will be greater than ever. And this illuminates the potential promise gained from factoring, known as invoice or accounts receivable financing. Join FCI’s Peter Mulroy as he presents his 10 factoring predictions for the post COVID-19 world. The FCI secretary general expects to see a significant rebound in 2021 and the years follow. Other topics of the webinar include: Regional perspectives with regard to bankruptcies, insolvencies and fraud. The evolution of factoring and receivables finance in recessionary times. The impact of COVID-19 and how factoring will fare during and after the crisis. What the future holds from the perspective of trade credit, liquidity, and commerce

  • Contains 4 Component(s), Includes Credits

    This module provides an introduction to the topic of credit. It explores the history of credit, the primary reasons credit is offered and presents an overview of the credit process.

  • Contains 1 Component(s) Recorded On: 10/25/2021

    This on-demand webinar is available for 14 days after purchase. Businesses are deepening client relationships by offering new digital receivable/payable options to customers to improve cash flow with bill pay options, online payment capabilities, payroll cards for employees, and loyalty rewards programs for consumers. It’s an exciting and innovative proposition that requires the proper infrastructure and tools to make it happen. We encourage you to invite your credit team to your Chief Information Officer, to join in on our discussion regarding our interconnected world and how to leverage it in your business. This 2-part executive briefing will focus on strategic, yet practical services needed at every phase of your transformation journey. In part one of this webinar, we will focus on how organizations can accelerate the ability to deliver a seamless payment experience to improve cash flow and client payment options through the use of architecture and modern integration capabilities. Channel convergence Embrace and accelerate all things mobile Remove Costs and Lower Total Cost of Ownership - Simplify and modernize legacy applications, frictionless cloud deployments and process automation. Mark your calendars now for November 22nd! In part two of this webinar, we will delve further into increasing efficiency with intelligent automation to enable connected experiences by discussing robotic process automation and machine learning.

  • Contains 1 Component(s) Recorded On: 03/09/2021

    This on-demand webinar is available for 14 days after purchase. Join Ursula Wegrzynowicz & Jennifer Krause of EXIM Bank for a discussion about how U.S. government-issued credit insurance offers coverage for your accounts receivable in ways you may not be aware of. With changing market conditions, learn about EXIM Bank’s unique and flexible programs to enhance your current risk mitigation strategies. EXIM supports exporters of U.S. made products and services.

  • Contains 1 Component(s) Recorded On: 01/22/2019

    This on-demand webinar is available for 14 days after purchase and you may watch the on-demand webinar as many times as you like. Innovations in trade finance are making headlines. Transaction analytics, platform-based communities, data technologies, artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain infrastructures are upgrading global trade finance practices and contributing to financial inclusion. How can all of the players in the trade ecosystem benefit from those innovations today? Will current trade finance practices be rendered obsolete in the future digital era, or will technology enable an incremental upgrade of established practices? How can banks and corporates develop their own ROI-driven fintech adoption plan? This webinar will provide an introduction to actionable fintech innovations in trade and supply chain finance. It will feature selected fintechs addressing corporate needs in key areas: pricing the risk of trade, enhancing credit management with data and machine learning, and automating trade finance operations.

  • Contains 1 Component(s) Recorded On: 04/20/2017

    This on-demand webinar is available for 14 days after purchase and you may watch the on-demand webinar as many times as you like. What worked in the past may not serve your future. Relying on the knowledge and skills that made you successful at one level in an organization won’t necessarily help you succeed at the next. In fact, if you rely too heavily on them, they can work against you. The successful journey up the food chain involves letting go of some things that have facilitated your progress so far. It is imperative to re-invent yourself, learn new skills and adopt new perspectives. Ensuring you allocate your time appropriately is essential. Here, your credibility begins. In this webinar, you will learn to ask the right questions and partner with others to help you understand what business you’re really in and its executive demands, as well as assessing what is important to its short-term and long-term strategic plan. These are critical aspects of the “on-boarding” process. Core to your success is alignment; how one aligns with where a business is and where it is going is all about having an executive voice and seat at the table. How do you identify a company’s vision, mission, values and goals? Developing your ability to align with different organizational goals and partnering with your new team requires heightened communication skills, as well as the ability to be strategic. Planning and measuring your results sets the pace for successfully creating an impressionable impact right from the start. In this session, participants will learn to: Identify what is important to the business and executive team. Develop a “strategic voice” to help navigate new waters. Adapt to new tools that update outworn assumptions during change. Be more confident and flexible when building new teams.

  • Contains 10 Component(s), Includes Credits

    This is an advanced course in the analysis and formulation of credit policy, including policies regarding credit investigation, terms of sale, credit-granting, and credit limits. It is intended for experienced people (typically Directors of Credit or similar positions) who must make and enforce credit policy. It is not an introductory course. The course textbook, "Making Sound Credit Policy Decisions" is included in your purchase and mailed to you.

  • Contains 1 Component(s) Recorded On: 07/08/2021

    This on-demand webinar is available for 14 days after purchase. This webinar will dig into the details of regulatory screening requirements along with the importance of due diligence. As you consider establishing new customer relationships, Chris Doxey will discuss combining your regulatory screening and compliance programs for the following: Anti-money Laundering (AML) Know Your Customer (KYC) Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) She’ll also discuss how to build a strong internal controls program that focuses on due diligence and the validation of results.

  • Contains 1 Component(s) Recorded On: 01/31/2019

    This on-demand webinar is available for 14 days after purchase and you may watch the on-demand webinar as many times as you like. Well-translated commercial and legal documents support the business-to-business collection process. Contractual documents must not only be translated into the language of a customer, they must ensure that all of the terms and conditions are legally binding in the customer’s country. Join translator Célia Korn, who has more than 20 years of experience translating documents, and collections attorney Octávio Aronis as they share their expertise, tips and techniques for minimizing collection issues. This webinar will focus on parts of South America, including Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay, and will cover the following topics: The obligation of having a certified sworn translation of a document. For example, the Brazilian Constitution determines that the courts will only accept foreign documents if duly translated by a Brazilian-certified translator Documents that must be notarized, legalized or contain an apostille duly affixed Documents that need to be translated for the appointment of a lawyer, powers of attorney, by-laws or articles of incorporation specifying the person signing the documents has the powers to do so. Documents such as credit applications, purchase orders, receipts and invoices that should be prepared in both the customer’s and seller’s language Examples of mistranslations that could impact business operations The eight rules for writing a document that will be clear, ready for translation and legally bidding

  • Contains 1 Component(s) Recorded On: 05/26/2021

    This on-demand webinar is available for 14 days after purchase. The administrative cost of bankruptcy and the expanded rights granted to certain classes of creditors in bankruptcy cases makes bankruptcy costly and impractical for many small and middle-market financially distressed companies. Distressed companies are increasingly relying on assignments for the benefit of creditors (ABC), receiverships, Uniform Commercial Code Article 9 sales, out-of-court foreclosures, or simply closing down the business, which may produce a faster and greater distribution for creditors than a more expensive and slower bankruptcy case. Join Lowenstein Sandler’s Bruce Nathan and Michael Papandrea as they discuss non-bankruptcy alternatives and share real-life examples. This webinar will cover: How the alternatives differ from bankruptcy cases How trade creditors should respond if a customer pursues any of these alternatives Possible preference risk raised in ABCs and receiverships.