Uniform Commercial Code - Sale of Goods


 Understand the terms the Uniform Commercial Code adds to your contract automatically unless you “otherwise agree.”  When does the UCC apply?  Learn to limit your liability to a return of the purchase price to avoid defect and delay damage claims.  Get a waiver of express and implied warranties.  When do you have the right to stop shipments and demand adequate assurance of payment?  What are your rights to cure any default in your performance?  How do you reclaim your goods if the customer defaults?  This module will answer these questions and help you better understand the Uniform Commercial Code Sale of Goods.  After successful completion of this module the student will understand when the UCC does not apply, Express Warranty, Implied Warranty, Limitation of Liability, Seller’s Right to Cure, Seller’s Right to Reclaim Goods, Right to Adequate Assurance of Performance, Notice of Breach to Seller and Battle of the Forms.

Speaker Bio:

James Fullerton is a graduate of the University of Colorado and the University of Virginia School of Law.  He is an attorney licensed in Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia and is the President of the law firm of Fullerton & Knowles, P.C.  The firm represents owners, design professionals, suppliers, subcontractors, general contractors and other members of the real estate and construction industries, filing mechanic’s liens, surety bond and other construction claims across all of the states in the Mid Atlantic region.  He also represents creditors in bankruptcy issues nationwide, particularly defense of bankruptcy preference claims; advises on all real estate and construction law issues, including contract formation and disputes, defects in labor and materials, impact and delay claims, as well as doing litigation, arbitration and mediation in public and private projects.


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