My Customer Filed Bankruptcy – What Should I Do Now?


This presentation will show you what to do when you think a customer has filed bankruptcy; how to check on the filing and how to react to the different types of bankruptcy that can be filed.  Learn the new laws that apply in bankruptcy and how the courts are ruling on matters like reclamation, new administrative claims and creditors' committee issues so you can act quickly and decisively the next time a customer says those dreaded words.  After successful completion of this learning module the student will understand how to confirm that there has been a filing, how to find the case, how to determine the type of case, how the filing will affect their company, the basic steps to take when faced with a customer filing bankruptcy, how to determine if their company has critical vendor status, reclamation claims, administrative claims, and creditor’s committees.

Speaker Bio:

Lynnette Warman is a bankruptcy attorney, and a partner with the firm Hunton & Williams, LLP in Dallas , Texas .  Ms. Warman earned her BA from the University of Nebraska , and her JD from Creighton University School of Law, magna cum laude, in 1986.  Her practice focuses on corporate reorganizations, out of court work-outs and structured financial transactions. Recent engagements have involved significant mediation, litigation and appellate work in both bankruptcy and other federal courts. Ms. Warman also devotes considerable time analyzing transactions to address potential insolvency issues such as lender liability, avoidance, and fraudulent transfers. Ms. Warman was formerly the head of the Business Department at Jenkens & Gilchrist, P.C., and the former Practice Group Leader of that firm's Bankruptcy Section.


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